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CORDEX CORE is an initiative of WCRP CORDEX. It aims at delivering a consistent high-resolution climate data-set for all major land-masses of the world to be used in climate change and climate impact studies (Gutowski et al., 2016). The idea is to run several regional climate models using a well-defined set of global climate models under 2 RCPs (most likely RCP2.6 and RCP8.5) for downscaling at at least 0.22° horizontal resolution. REMO will be part of this initiative and the first simulations using ERA-Interim as boundary conditions for evaluation simulations are under way for several domains. The complete data-set will serve as basis for regional climate studies feeding into the 6th assessment report of the IPCC.


  • Gutowski, W. J. and Giorgi, F. and Timbal, B. and Frigon, A. and Jacob, D. and Kang, H.-S. and Raghavan, K. and Lee, B. and Lennard, C. and Nikulin, G. and O'Rourke, E. and Rixen, M. and Solman, S. and Stephenson, T. and Tangang, F. (2016) WCRP COordinated Regional Downscaling EXperiment (CORDEX): a diagnostic MIP for CMIP6, Geoscientific Model Development, Vol. 9, Issue 11, pp. 4087-4095, doi:10.5194/gmd-9-4087-2016


Claas Teichmann
Kevin Sieck